Daniel Jones and James Bulley


James Bulley and Daniel Jones

James Bulley and Daniel Jones are an artist duo whose collaborative practice explores the boundaries of sound art, music, and process-based composition. Their work draws on systems and patterns from the world around us as ways of organising sound, creating a reciprocal relationship between the two: using sound as a way to illuminate our understanding of the world, and using natural processes as a way to deepen our approaches to composition.

Giles Stogdon

Sound Recordist

Giles Stogdon

Giles is an experienced sound recordist and mycologist based in London. He has sustained an enduring passion for sound since discovering how to press the record and play buttons on his mum's radio cassette player back in the early 70s.

Dave Charlesworth

Site Manager

Dave Charlesworth

Dave Charlesworth is an artist and curator (b. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire). His mixed moving image and performance practice exposes fragmented personal histories and generic social phenomena as avenues to explore experiences of the contemporary British landscape.

Louis Mustill

Technical Supervisor

Louis Mustill

Artists & Engineers

Louis Mustill is a specialist in media and arts technology, a creative engineer with a talent for leading multi-disciplinary projects for clients and artists. He is a co-founder of Artists & Engineers, a new production company whose clients include Dinos Chapman and Bowers & Wilkins / Maserati.


Gregory Duggan (Cello)
Alex Eichenberger (Cello)
Sami El-Enany (Pianoforte, Rhodes, Neptune)
Milo Fitzpatrick (Double Bass)
Mikey Kirkpatrick (Flute)
Lally Pollen (Voice)
Charly Richardson (Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone)
Joe Thorp (Acoustic Guitar)
Keir Vine (Pianoforte, Keyboards)
Alistair Zaldua (Violin)


Ableton Max For Live
John Backhouse and Orford School
Havva Basto
Campbell Scientific
Franco Casule (Campbell Scientific)
Fred Deakin
Maurice Ede (Dungeness Estate)
Christina Fischer (Ableton)
Goldsmiths Annual Fund
Joe Hales (Graphic design and typography for books)
James Hannam (PRS for Music Foundation)
Julia Hodgson
IdeasTap Ideas Fund
Keith Johnson (RNLI)
Mike Knowlden
Owen Leyshon (Dungeness Estate)
Ron Locke (KEF)
Mira Mattar
Faye McNulty (Illustrations)
Thomas Oldham
Nigel Packer (RNLI)
Michael Reid
RSPB Snape
Bella Scarr
Joana Seguro
Rashad Selim
Edward Scott-Clarke
Ian Stonehouse
Emily Stuart
Tom Taylor
Iain Thornton (Campbell Scientific)
Nick Thorpe
Chris Ubee (RNLI)
Eleanor Ward (PRS for Music Foundation)